Find out how you can leverage your first party data to create better customer experience.

CloudSage | Customer Intelligent Data Platform | Customer Experience

How CloudSage Customer Data Platform Works

Our platform is built for enterprise marketers by helping them bring together customer data from disparate sources and provide insights to create relevant engagements with their customers.


Seamlessly aggregate organizations' customer data from various online/offline sources


Creates Single Customer and Marketing View across all channels by stitching visitor identity together


Allows marketers to apply insights to create meaningful interactions with their customers


Allows marketers to create personalized experiences at scale leveraging powerful AI technologies

CloudSage Benefits

Ability to transform experiences across all facets of customer journey is not only good customer service, but it has a direct impact on your business as well

Increased Revenue

by providing relevant and personalized offerings and creating more loyal and engaging customer base.

Reduced Customer Churn

by identifying signals early and creating tailored engagement strategy to win those customers back.

Increased Productivity

by streamlining marketing workflows between different systems and different teams.

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